Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

I drove all the way to downtown Clearwater today to take care of some business at the courthouse, and was so surprised to find an empty parking lot. duh I don't know what I was thinking when I got sent on that errand, but I had a nice drive. It rained on and off, but it's always enjoyable to be able to view Tampa Bay driving across the Courtney Campbell ? I think that's the name of it. (US 60) The rain didn't stop all the people from wading in the water and doing some fishing from shore. And there was a lot of traffic and closed off streets for the Veterans Day Festivities that were going on.
Reflecting today about one of the boys that used to come over to play basketball in our driveway. Always made himself at home...even called me "mom" along with my sons. He went to school with my oldest son, swam on the high school swim team, and joined the Marines when he graduated. He was a good kid. I see him every now and then when I look at my home movies. His name was's a link to a memorial about him: Jeremy

My Dad is a Veteran. I have a picture of him in his Army uniform, but I can't find the file I saved it in.

My Uncle Don was in the Navy.

Uncle Rip was in the Navy too.

My biological Dad was a WW2 Veteran. Army I can't find a picture of him.

God Bless America! God Bless ALL the Men and Women of the Military Past and Present!!

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