Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bremen High School Classmates

WOW !  Next year will be my 40th year High School Class Reunion!!  I must be getting old.  I didn't realize it, it just snuck up on me.  Where are all those "old" classmates?  I joined the Bremen High School Alumni page and there's only a handful of people in there.  Are they still alive?  Do they have CRS like me?  Have they grown "rounder" like me?  Just sayin'  age has put a few pounds on me.  That and eating too much and not excersizing.   WHAT EVER... life's too short to worry too much about that!   Let's party.  Eat - Drink MMMmmmm a nice tequilla shot would be good - good music - friends.  Hey you people from the class of '71  GET WITH THE PROGRAM !  Get signed up in that alumni page and help Patty Shultz Diepen out with her quest to find all of us.  Here's a link to that web site:   ok ok, I don't know if this is right or not.  I was just in there and copied and pasted the page address when I logged out.  But if this link takes you to that, you can surely figure out how to get signed upOh yea, if you're reading this, then go ahead....leave me a comment.  I can take it.  I might have one back for you, but feel free to leave one.  You can also look over to your right on my page and sign up to be a follower-friend of my web site.  Check out some of my older posts.  If you know me, you might get a chuckle.  You might even get a chuckle if you don't know me.  God knows with my CRS,  I probably don't remember you..  

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