Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Looked, I Searched, I Found, I signed up,

I signed up, I signed up, Whew...I've been checking out several different places on the web. I went to facebook, not to be confused with myface, and found a bunch of relatives and friends in there. So I signed up. I also checked out vimeo, there are way cool videos to be seen in there...so I signed up. Then I found myself in myspace where I realized there are quite a few musicians, some I know...so I signed up. LOL I've just been a signing up fool and having a good ol' time.

I wish I had some more of that delish fudge my friend Petie sent to me. A couple pieces of her fudge and a cup of cocoa would just be the best thing before I lay me down to sleep.

Today at work, it was a wash out..I mean a rain day and I came home and did the wash. Also spent most of the day sorting through my endless piles of stuff (the pack rat that I am) and now I actually have a fairly large pile of "carry it out to the trash". Didn't make a very big dent yet tho. Finding old photos in a box, just somehow sidetracks the whole operation. Getting sleepy now, even tho I had no fudge...cocoa had to do.

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