Monday, May 24, 2010

The End Of A Good Thing

The end of a truly unique shopping spot and long time business of Florida has come to a sad end. Unfortunately this is happening with many businesses, and it's just a shame. I'm going to miss the Rogers Christmas House.

It has been a part of Florida's history for some 40 odd years. With giant billboards along the interstates for countless tourists to visit as well as locals to shop for unique decorations and gifts. I found several web pages referring to the Rogers Christmas House. The one from the ST Pete Times dated May 22, 2010, kind of gives you a brief history of it and also a little bit about its demise.


I ventured out yesterday to visit Rogers Christmas House for the last time. Although their liquidation sale had been going on for a couple days, I was able to find a few items I thought I just needed to buy. Then I stood in line "forever" to check out. All of the workers there yesterday, put on the happy upbeat faces. I know they must be sad as were most of the people in line with me.
RIP Rogers Christmas House.

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