Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's Scallop Season On The Gulf Of Mexico

I finally went out last Sunday because it was supposed to be a beautiful day.
Those dog gone weather forecasts! 30% chance...Ha!
It started out very nicely,
just getting in the water and floating around was so relaxing.
 We weren't finding very many scallops, and there were 5 of us out there looking for them.
  We moved to a few different spots, with not much luck.
Except for Petie,
She came back to the boat with her bag full.
Then, looking back towards land,
big dark clouds......lightning.....OMG!!!
I was not too comfortable with that sight.
Then to top it off, in the opposite direction - MORE DARK CLOUDS!!
We were sandwiched in between both storms. As the storm further out started getting closer, the decision was made to head back to land.
It was a semi-rough ride and the rain started coming down in bucket fulls.
I'm writing about this today,
 so as you can see,
we made it back just fine.
After arriving home the guys cleaned all the scallops. 
There ended up being about a pint of meat.
It was for the most part an enjoyable excursion
and plans are to do it again this weekend.
I think I will just look to the sky's
rather than worry about weather forecasts this week.
I'm just sayin' . . . Happy Scalloping!

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