Friday, August 6, 2010

I Want More Followers and Subscribers

I have to admit,
I'm doing this for myself as a form of my own entertainment,
but in hopes that others become entertained as well.
I am starting to upload some new videos on my You Tube Channel that I am calling:
"Where The Hell Am I ?"
Episode 1 is currently up. Anyone can view my videos, and if you do, I sure would appreciate you taking the time to sign up with (if you already aren't) You Tube so that you can subscribe to my channel and leave your opinion about my videos.
You don't have to upload videos on You Tube to be a member of You Tube.
And as a matter of fact just like on Blog spot, you can use your Google account to sign up.
It's really very simple.
I know my videos are being watched, because I can see the view counts are increasing, but it sure would be nice to see who is viewing and what you think.

Now about my blog.
I know more than 4 people are reading this blog, just by the page counter.
Please, sign up and click on the follow this page button.
I'd like to meet some of you.

If you look to the right of my blog, you will find a link to one of my pages called
Donna's You Tube Video List Page.
It's under the heading
Donna's Pages.
Click on that, my Video List Page will open and
you will have the links to every one of my You Tube videos.

I'm just sayin' ... Hope you are enjoying them. And if you're not...let me know with a comment.
Thanks for stopping by.

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