Saturday, March 16, 2013

Thinking Green

Tomorrow is St Patricks Day.
 There are many stories and legends about this day.
 I used to love to go downtown Chicago on St Patricks Day.
The river was died green, there were shamrocks painted on the sidewalks.
Everyone wore their green. 
According to some of my Husbands relatives,
 the Heniff's are of Irish decent.
 I haven't done any geneology studies on the matter,
 so I just take their word for it.
 I remember Uncle Bob talking at my Father-In-Law's funeral about the name.
 He told us that the name was originally Hennessey and
 when they got off the boat in New York,
 the name was changed to Heniff.

You can Google "origin of St Patricks Day" and find all kinds of articles on the subject.
For me, it's a fun Holiday.

I was in St. Louis one year on St Patty's Day. It was a blast!
 I was at the "Landing" or Old St Louis.
 People were wearing green wigs, walking down the street drinking green beer.
 Playing frisbee in the streets.
 Almost every bar had an Irish name and they were all serving up Irish Stew and Green Beer.
I have some video of that day somewhere around here.

Don't forget to wear your green tomorrow.............just sayin'

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