Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's December

Our long Thanksgiving weekend always seems too short. It was very enjoyable gathering with some family and friends. And as usual, stuffed ourselves until we almost didn't have any room for pie. NOT!
I started prepping the front acreage about three weeks ago. Trimming up low branches on the trees, collecting wood pallets and untangling Christmas lights. The weekend before Thanksgiving I placed the wood pallets around the front acreage and with Dan's help, started mounting the blow-up characters on them. The wood pallets worked out great for anchoring the blower motors.
Then on "black Friday", my sis and me got busy . . . turning it into "glowing Friday".

She (my sis) bugs me every year to wrap tree trunks. I usually give in to letting her wrap one or two. But this year she won over and wrapped and wrapped until she could barely stand up from the dizziness of walking around all those tree trunks.

I must say, it looks like a Christmas wonderland out there.


The weekend ended too soon. Now I have to put up the decorations inside the house by myself. I'm sure if I boo hoo enough, Dan will help with that.

See ya....I'm off for a cup of cocoa.

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