Saturday, December 5, 2009

Once Upon A Time . . .

There were 5 little elves. Danny Elf, Donna Elf, Michael Elf, Janet Elf and David Elf. It was a cold blustery day and the snow was piling up outside. The 5 little elves were playing hookie from Santa's work shop. They opened up a bottle of Nancy's delicious home brewed blueberry wine. Wine and cheese and crackers and before they knew it, they were outside building a snowman when David Elf got this bright idea...
Cold and wet, they went inside to change their clothes and put on their cute little Elfy Caps. After warming up by the fireplace...(of course with another bottle of wine!!)... those mischievous little elves headed out to the barn to harass the reindeer...
Whew...that was a workout! Time for more refreshments...maybe a shot of tequila or two or a few...and then on to the city where the dance clubs are. Oh wait! Out there on the hillside...they hear some hip hop music...
Fat was thun! A shew more tots of fequila and they were on to the disco club.
The five little elves sure had a busy hookie day. It's almost time to load the sleigh.

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  1. Ok Cuz. That is roll on the floor funny. You have WAY too much time on your hands:)You guys look very happy. Everyone here is fine. I'm not sending out cards this year so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
    Love. Tammy from Branson
    Just in case you didn't know who this is from


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