Monday, December 13, 2010


Let us not forget...Jesus Is The Reason For The Season.  It's a time to remember all those who are near and dear to us and also to pray for every one's health and happiness.

And speaking of those near and dear to us...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BROTHER MICHAEL TODAY!!  I hope you have a great day!

We all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of this frantic shopping time. 
 People are stressed out trying to find parking spots, the stores are crowded, the check out lanes are long and in my case...
 I walked around a parking lot for an hour trying to find my car so I could leave! 
 I was yelled at, almost run over...
I was in such a good mood and all in the Holiday spirit when I left the house that morning. 
 You know the term "Road Rage"? 
 I think there should be a new term for this time of year
 - "Shopper Rage" 
If there's a really good sale offered at the store...
  There are people out there that are absolutely

 So I came home and found everything I was looking for shopping on my computer,

with no rude, crazed people to bug me.

 And all those Christmas movies on TV !  My dvr is filled up with them.  I wonder if I'll see them all.  Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll get some of them viewed before the dvr runs out of storage space.

It's time to  STOP and take a break...Here's a cute Christmas video story that I have on You Tube right now:  It's sure to give you a smile or two.

I would love for you to become a subscriber to my You Tube channel,  It's Free!  Just go to my You Tube Channel and click on the "subscribe" button.  You might have to do a free sign up if you don't already have a user name and password, but I think they even made it easier by allowing you to link your google or face book account to sign in.   It would also be wonderful if you would find the button down near the bottom of this page and click on "follow" so that you will be on my friend and follower list for this site. ;D

I know I've been bugging all my friends and relatives to visit this site over the past few weeks, but hey...coming here and doing some of your shopping is much less stressful !!  Not to mention that I really do want more visitors to my site.  Leave me comments!! Let me know if you like or hate it. Give me pointers on how to improve it.  

All my Christmas decorations are up now.  The front couple acres outside is all lit up.  Mostly with led lights.  Some of my blow up characters had to be retired this year...just worn out.  A couple of them, I just decided not to set up this year.  On the farthest front corner (away from the house) I made a very simple scene.  There's a small clearing surrounded by trees.  I put the Nativity Scene there this year, with lights up through the trees around the sides and back of the clearing.  It really looks pretty, and the Nativity Scene stands out.  Then as you move up the street and get past a thick spot of trees, I set up the Santa in his boat, the Big Snowman and two other smaller lighted figures.  With the use of a few spot lights and a gazillion twinkle lights all down the fence (600 feet worth) and up the driveway fence (another couple hundred feet) and twinkle lights draped up in a lot of the trees.  It really is pretty. Then I moved up to the yard close to the house and set up a display using one of my bird baths as a pedestal, I put a wood pallet on it and covered the pallet with an old white sheet.  Then I mounted a blow up present that has the lid going up and down with a snowman popping in and out.  I wrapped the base (bird bath) with chaser lights.  It turned out pretty good.  So now the house looked awfully dark,  I headed for the front porch and strung up a bunch of lights there too.  After blowing a couple circuit breakers a few times, I rerouted some of my extension cords and fixed that problem.  It's all done now, I go out after dark every night to enjoy the display.  The colors in the led lights are soooo vibrant!  I love them, and they say they are much more energy efficient. We'll see about that next month when we get the electric bill...Dan will pitch a fit, and I'll just give him the blank look and shrug my shoulders, then after he comments a few times about how big the bill is, I'll finally break down and very loudly let him know how cold it has been and we've been running electric space heaters AND IT'S NOT BECAUSE OF MY CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!!  lol  We go through it every year.

Whew!! I must be tired...I'm just rambling on and on.....

I'm just sayin'...Santa Claus Is Coming To Town . . . Merry Christmas to All and to All a wish for a Happy Stress free Shopping Experience!!

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