Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Starting Off The New Year

Here we are in the middle of January of the New Year...2011 .  Has this weather been crazy across the country or what??  Nestled down in Florida, where it should be sunny and warm during these winter months and we've gone from lows in the teens last week to the 70's today.  I'm sure glad I didn't get rid of all my flannel shirts and wool socks when I moved down here, because they've come out of moth balls and have been getting used these last couple months, especially last week! 

Then today comes with this beautiful day and it put me in the gardening mood.  It's time to pull out my trays and get some seeds started.  I wonder if I'll get anything to grow in the sand this year.  In the past 9 years, I haven't had much luck.  But I'll try something different again this year and see how it goes. 

I used to get such a wonderful feeling when I could go to my freezer in the middle of winter and pull out some stuffed peppers to cook that I grew in my garden the summer before.  I miss that.  Maybe I'll try dabbling a little with hydroponics this year and Topsy turvies seem to be getting popular.  I picked up a few strawberry roots, and am going to give them a try .  Last year I planted a couple blueberry plants and a couple blackberry plants.  They look like they may be doing okay...I've got my fingers crossed that maybe I'll get at least a small harvest from them this year.

I've also been busy job searching, to no avail.  It's really tough out there right now.  I just have to keep looking.  And stay optimistic that I will find something.  I really loved the job I was laid off from, so that makes it a little difficult for me too.   Fingers are crossed...something will turn up.

I went to a New Years Party at my sister's house.  We had a blast!  Drank tequila, ate a lot of good food and danced - danced - danced!!  I put a short video of some of it on you tube.  Feel free to go check it out. 
  Another new one is footage my brother sent me of the snow storm they had in Alabama.  The quality of the footage is kind of poor, he shot it with his phone camera, but it gives you the main idea of what they faced and for there, 8 inches of snow is almost unheard of!!  All those southern states were practically paralyzed because they don't have the snow removal equipment that the northern states have. 

I'm just sayin''s a new year
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