Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Glad I'm Here

I thought I was freezing with our chilly weather we've been having in Florida...but my goodness!  My prayers are with all of my friends up north with the blizzard conditions!  I was living in the suburbs of Chicago in 1967 when that huge storm hit and it was a mess...of course, I was just a kid then and I thought it was awesome!

I went in and revamped my General Store page, so it should be a little easier to use.  I put in banners that are more the same size and tried to space them so that you will be able to read them easier.  If you have any suggestions on this, leave me a comment or email me.  There are a lot of banners on the page, so give it a moment to load up.

Don't forget to go to my You Tube channel and check out my videos.  There are links to them on my Video Page.  While you're there, subscribe to my channel.

And speaking of subscribing, why not become one of my blog followers...it's free.

I'm just sayin . . . stay warm and shop from home!

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