Wednesday, March 9, 2011


is almost here.  YIPPEE!!!  Even with the weather still bringing some flurries, we must remember that very shortly the flowers will start blooming and the bugs will be coming out.  Here in Florida, that is already occurring.  We all must remember to take care of our pets.  They say that you should treat your pets for fleas year round now, however, I know that many people up north don't do that.  But now is the time to start thinking about that again.  On my new page "Donna's featured items" I have put a couple discounts that I have found that could help out in the dog and kitten / cat department.  There's also a special on mosquito control.  These are limited time offers, so check them out and save before all those pests are here and it's too late.

Does anybody know anything about hydroponic gardening for beginners?  I'm thinking about giving it a whirl.  Maybe just try a couple plants for now along with planting my traditional garden.  I'm also going to try a couple topsie turvies for tomatoes and strawberries.  My whole gardening experience in Florida has been an experiment every year.  I just haven't gotten good results.  That's one of the things I miss from Missouri, along with my kids and grandchildren.  The blueberries and blackberries I planted last year are starting to leaf out...that's a good sign.  Also, it's seems like leaves showed up overnight on some of my hibiscus that I planted last year.  We're expecting some rain tomorrow, so I'm sure more things will start greening up this week.  Also, dotted all through the property are dogwood trees all in bloom with beautiful white flowers.  It all just puts me in the planting mood.

I'm just sayin'...             yay for Spring!

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