Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Am Going To

Create a new page.  There will be a new tab up at the top of my page to click on.  I'm not sure what I will call it yet...something on the lines of Donna's Blog about Featured Items...or something like that.  I'm thinking about it.  On that page I will try to write a little bit about specific items that are with some of the advertisers I am affiliated with, or maybe I'll write about an advertiser.  More than likely, I will choose somebody that is  offering some type of special, be it free shipping or percentages off, or maybe just something I think is interesting.  Check it out often, You may find some terrific bargains.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I started my day out by finding a Lovely heart shaped tin, fulled with my favorite chocolates!  And a beautiful card too.  It was quite nice.  I love my Hubby!

Today, I did my job search with no luck and started doing some cleaning around the house.  My least favorite thing to do.  I'm now knee deep in rearranging my bedroom.  I don't know how I got involved in this. It's gorgeous outside...I think that's why I started on the bedroom, because I got the bug to clean the mini blinds. One thing led to another...

Right now, all the furniture is slid to one side of the room, while I washed half of the floor and am waiting for it to dry.  Curtains are down and being washed, and the mini blinds are outside drying, (I laid them out on the cement pad and scrubbed them with a broom and bucket of dish soap)  What a mess!  But it will be so nice and fresh when I get done. : )   I'm taking a break, writing this blog.

I'm just sayin'...I'm ready for Spring!  It feels like it's here today.

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