Sunday, June 5, 2011

How's It Growing

Oh boy, June is already here.  I've been in Florida for about 9 years now and every year I have tried to plant a garden, with very little success.  This year I picked a lower spot on the property and added some compost to the area.  I actually see some things growing.
    Hanging are a couple Topsy tervie tomatoes, a strawberry plant that looks kind of pukey, and a couple other things that aren't doing too well, but are still live plants.
    On the ground I have watermelon vines taking over a huge area with lots of flowers on, some cucumbers are growing up a trellis with flowers on, three different kinds of peppers that have been producing peppers.  I have picked some chillies, banana and one bell pepper so far. 
   This is the first time I've ever planted asparagus, it is growing...but everything that I've read...I have to wait until 2013 to harvest any of it. No wonder it's so expensive to buy!!
    I also have a couple squash plants growing.  One of them has two yellow squash developing so far. 
    I also planted some sun flower seeds and have about ten of them looking pretty good.  Usually when I plant them, either birds or squirrels seem to know and eat the seeds before they start growing...I lucked out this year. 
   I almost forgot, I also planted some bush beans and some pole beans and they look like they are growing nicely, some have flowers on right now, so I should be getting some green beans soon. 
   It's my best Florida garden since I've been here.
   On the deck in pots, I have a patio tomato that has been producing nice tomatoes for me for about the last three weeks.  They are yummy!  I also have spear mint growing in a pot, and it is very flavorful, I used some last weekend in my mojitos. (A very refreshing cocktail)  On the deck is also a very pretty rose tree, geraniums and petunias. 
   I don't know what it is about seeing things grow that makes me feel so good...and speaking of things growing, I have a new Grandson!!! Born last week.  He's adorable!!  I'm just sayin'...

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