Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gardening Update And More

It didn't do that great.  I only harvested a few cucumbers and a few tomatoes.  The banana peppers and chili peppers did well, I'm actually still getting those.  The asparagus roots I planted are growing and expanding, so I'm staying optimistic that I will hopefully end up with a nice patch to harvest in two years.  My mammoth sunflowers weren't too mammoth like I expected...they grew tall, but the flowers weren't near as large as I thought they should be.  I left them out there and the birds had a feast on the seeds. 
Now all that's left are some weeds and dead cucumber vines and I forgot to mention, the green beans crapped out too.  I'll be making compost to ad to the garden in the spring to see if that will help things grow a little better. 
I'm loving my deck and the flowers in the pots are still looking okay. 
My search for employment has been pretty dismal too.  Hopefully I'll find something soon.  It's nice being able to work in the garden and around the yard, but would be much better "working" and collecting a paycheck!!
On that thought...I have signed up with a few more advertisers, so go check out my general store.  You might find something you like.
I wasn't able to attend my High School reunion this year.  I really wanted to go, but with being out of work, I couldn't justify making the trip.  I made a video for them from photos from our yearbook.  It turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself.  I don't have it up on you tube, but I'm thinking of putting a short excerpt of it on there this week.  You can get a link to my you tube channel from my "Donna's Video Page" (It's tabbed at the top of this page)  There's some pretty cool footage on there that I took of waves created from Hurricane Katia at Daytona Beach.  Go check out my stuff...   I'm just sayin'...

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